House Hightower – Westeros Characters and Facts

The House Hightower is one of the oldest royal families in Westeros. Their capital is Oldtown, which is home to a large white castle called the Hightower. Their fealty is to House Tyrell, and they hold several vassals. Lord Hobert Hightower is the current Hightower, and his brother, Ser Otto, is Hand to King Viserys I Targaryen. After the death of Alicent’s mother, Ser Otto encouraged her to get close to Viserys. Ser Otto’s son, Ser Gwayne, is also a Hightower, and participated in the Heir’s Tournament.

The Hightowers have nearly as much wealth as House Lannister, and have a strong naval force. They have more than three times as many swords as the other Tyrell bannermen. Their fleet of ships includes the four-decked Honor of Oldtown, which is the house’s flagship.

The Hightowers have numerous children. The eldest daughter, Malora, married Lord Mace Tyrell, is now a mother herself. She is also the eldest of the six daughters. The second daughter, Alerie, married to Ser Jon Cupps, was the first to be born. The Hightowers have several other children, including three daughters. They have two sons and three daughters.

The Hightowers are a very old family, dating back to the early days of Westeros. The Hightowers’ seat is located in the old town of Oldtown, which is home to the Citadel of the maesters. They are rich and influential, and are considered patrons of the Citadel and the Faith. Despite being a relatively small family, they are still considered among the richest and most powerful families in Westeros.

In the series, Otto Hightower has been an advisor to King Viserys. He serves as the King’s Hand, but is a very selfish and power-hungry individual. Otto Hightower is similar to Littlefinger in that he is constantly seeking power and influence. His actions will lead to the downfall of the current Targaryens and the House of Targaryens.

The House Hightower is the oldest noble house in Westeros. It grew around an iconic stepped beacon tower. The house is based on an ancient black stone structure. They also have several minor houses sworn to them. In addition, they are the first to raise a castle on Oldtown, which is also the city’s largest before King’s Landing.

The House Cole is a former noble house that comes from the Dornish marshes of the Stormlands. Although they are technically noble, they are considered low-born due to their Dornish ancestry. House Strong has two members: Lord Lyonel Strong is Viserys’ Master of Laws, and Ser Harwin Strong is a strong man who has a strong will.