House Lifting Explained

House raising is the process of separating a building from its foundation, temporarily raising it off the ground. It is the first step in relocating a structure. The process of lifting a building requires a licensed construction contractor to do the work. Once the building is raised off the ground, it can be placed on a new foundation.

House lifting is often performed to protect a home from flood waters, including from hurricane swells. It is important to lift a house when it floods, because flooding can cause black mold to grow on walls, which can ruin a house’s value and affect the health of the people living inside. Lifting a house out of the flood plain protects the interior and exterior of the house from water damage and prevents floodwaters from destroying valuable possessions inside.

House lifting is not an option for every homeowner. The process requires a skilled contractor with extensive experience. Finding a contractor with a good reputation is the best way to avoid unnecessary complications and to ensure that the job is done safely. When comparing quotes, it is important to ensure that each quote is fair. If a contractor gives you a lower price than the others, you should question their qualifications and ensure they’re not cutting corners.

The size of the house you’re planning to lift can also influence the cost. A larger home requires more equipment and manpower, so the project will be more expensive. Also, larger homes typically have unusual floor plans and structures that require additional work. For example, if you’re planning to add a second story to your home, you’ll need to raise the home in sections instead of one big piece.

House lifting is a common option for relocating a home that’s sagging due to a lack of foundation or a faulty drainage system. In addition to repairing foundation problems, house lifting can also reveal structural problems in the home. A qualified contractor can help you find out if you have these problems and solve them before deciding to raise the structure.

House lifting may seem like a complicated and costly project, but it’s actually a relatively straightforward process. It typically involves the use of hydraulic jacks and screw jacks to lift the house off the ground. The cost of a house lifting project depends on the size of the home and the location of the foundation. A qualified contractor will also consider the condition of the home’s crawl space and foundation.

A house lifting project will typically cost between $300 and $850. The costs will also depend on how complex the project is. Houses with multiple stories will require more equipment and contractors.