The Role of House Keeping Staff in a Hotel

Housekeeping staff play an important role in maintaining a hotel. In addition to cleaning the rooms and common areas of a hotel, these staff members are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the hotel’s fixtures and furnishings. During the course of their work, housekeeping staff may notice something that needs attention, so they should report the problem to the maintenance department. This will ensure that the problem is fixed as quickly as possible. Housekeeping and maintenance departments need to work together to make sure that the hotel is clean and in good repair.

In addition to having a clean appearance, housekeeping staff should also be cooperative and friendly. When communicating with guests and other staff members, housekeeping staff members should maintain eye contact and speak in a pleasant, audible tone. They should also have good listening skills, which will allow them to understand and remember what their guests are saying.

Housekeeping staff members should also be familiar with hotel regulations, which govern the manner in which they clean guest rooms. This will ensure that the cleaning process is less disruptive and minimizes the amount of interruption to guests. In addition to that, they should be trained to handle various types of fires. In case of a fire, they should know how to handle it and put it out quickly. A common type of fire is Class A fire, which is caused by ordinary combustibles. A Class B fire, on the other hand, is caused by inflammable liquids. This is typically an easy fire to extinguish by putting out with a blanket.

While the housekeeping staff should always try to avoid leaving a greasy residue on furniture, they should also look for signs of bed bugs. These bugs can be found on surfaces such as carpets, cabinets, and shelves. They are also often found in furniture joints and cracks. Housekeeping staff should also check the seams of picture frames and sofa covers. If they notice any signs of infestation, they should immediately contact the hotel management and investigate.

Although employees in the housekeeping department are not always monitored, it is still important to conduct background checks on them. The employees must be regularly supervised and their time sheets should be signed. Also, it is important to provide housekeeping supplies to the housekeeping staff. While the staff need not have any experience in the field, they should have a minimum education.

Besides ensuring cleanliness, housekeeping staff are responsible for the aesthetic appeal of the hotel. They should be well-groomed and wear clean uniforms. They should also be courteous to the other hotel staff. They should not eat or drink during cleaning hours, nor should they talk or make a fuss.

While housekeeping isn’t as glamorous as other services provided in a hotel, it is nonetheless a vital component of the overall hospitality industry. It is vital to have housekeeping staff who understand and respect the needs of others. This means they should consider how to load the trolley and what is needed for each floor. It is also important that staff members avoid overloading or under-loading the trolley, and check for broken parts.