Embracing Eclectic and Free-Spiritual Home Decor

Bohemian and country chic design offer excellent opportunities for spicing up your home with contrasting elements of personality and culture, and welcoming different types of influences while inspiring you to experiment with unique touches that make a place truly your own. Be original; think of unusual ways of expressing yourself.

Layer these items together for a sense of visual harmony, and give each room a combination of patterns and textures: anything from area rugs, throws and pillows to curtains made with rich velvets, leathers or rattan.

Color and Texture

For example, those who like to have a strictly ordered living space and the safe assimilation of monochromatic colours in the home are just as likely to find a completely different way out of conformity when they try their hand at the decor style of eclectic collecting that throws together wildly different styles, textures, colours and periods into an intoxicating, unexpected bouillabaisse. It’s design fun as an amusement park!

Ensure a broad palette of natural and jewel tones in a Boho Chic home design. Apply layer textures such as woven fabrics, fur throws and knitted and embroidered cushions.

Add to your space artisanal or handmade touches such as ceramic vases, handpainted plates and embroidered cushions from artisanal producers. Artworks or collectibles are another essential component of eclectic decorating: it is through them that you showcase your personality and also convey the story of you or your family. Display your art and collectibles in an eclectic gallery wall, on open shelves or wall cabinets in order to tell that very story.

Patterns and Textures

Layer lots of patterns and textures into this look, as well as embracing eclectic cultural styles and mixing high/low, modern with traditional furniture pieces, or Indian block-printed pillows with Moroccan poufs on top of Persian rugs – make it like no other space and frame it with global influences from around the world. Now, these are some serious style points.

Geometric and floral patterns will add dimension and interest. Hang geometric prints on a gallery wall, layer botanical textiles or incorporate other handmade items that tell a story – all this will transport you to wanderlust and adventure!

As with any eclectic space, you want to make sure that you are curating and editing to maintain an atmosphere that feels harmonious without being overwhelming. One or two main colours will allow your space to feel grounded and balanced.

Global Influences

You could furnish it with decorative elements that indicate a cultural influence (Boho-chic knick-knacks or tribal art can work wonders) giving the room a stronger sense of being your own, and allowing you to express yourself through your decorative choices (‘Oh, this coaster? This little treasure? I picked it up in Bali last year, with the volcano in the background…’).

Use mismatched pieces of furniture of different styles and periods to make your eclectic style look balanced, and pick out unusual combinations of colours and textures. Contemporary pieces with vintage Moroccan rugs, for example, work well together. Have fun layering textiles on textiles in a range of sizes and patterns – it all helps! 3. MIXED META

An eclectic decorating style can be fun and inspiring, allowing you to act on your inner creative muse. Allow yourself the freedom of expression that a few earthy African decorations or minimalist Asian designs offer to create the dream space in which to live. Curation is key, though – don’t let your spaces get overcrowded with bits and pieces that quickly become clutter.

Embrace the Unexpected

Mixing rooms with bohemian and freewheeling styles holds great possibilities for creative inspiration, and can help develop a very distinctive sense of story. To achieve this, the key is in choosing styles, periods and aesthetics carefully to become one greater stylish space.

To execute this look, choose a colour base from which to work and layer upwards. (A neutrally toned backdrop is a great base from which to anchor your accent pieces to prevent your space from appearing cluttered.) Layer in textures for visual interest and physical intrigue; in this sense, leather and velvets and wovens all work to great effect.

Throw in international accents for an adventurous feel. Souvenirs, cultural artifacts and textural rugs can be a personal celebration of your experiences; your home is uniquely yours because you have travelled, and your personality fills the space.

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