Essential Pool Accessories

Some pool accessories are important for both recreational and health-conscious swimmers. Nose clips, for example, prevent water from entering the nose and can relieve a burning sensation. Different styles of nose clips are available, including strapped versions and ergonomic types that fit flat against the ear. Ear plugs are also important for protecting the ears from water.

Other pool accessories include floating pool tables, buoyant bean bag chairs, inflatable volleyball nets, card tables, and floating beer pong tables. Buying these items online can save you money, and Amazon Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping on eligible items. These accessories will make your pool party even more fun. If you’re looking for pool supplies at affordable prices, In The Swim is the perfect choice.

To control the amount of chlorine in the pool, you can purchase a floating tablet dispenser. This device is filled with a chlorine tablet and is controlled by a control unit. Floating tablet dispensers can also be used to measure the amount of chlorine. Consider the size of your pool to choose a dispenser with the proper capacity.

Thermometers are another essential pool accessory. Many types of thermometers are available, including handheld and floatable models. Handheld thermometers use infrared light to measure water temperatures. Floating thermometers are more popular and are usually inexpensive, costing less than $10 to $20.

Another important pool accessory is a telescopic pole. Telescopic poles are useful support tools for cleaning, and most are equipped with interchangeable heads. They can be used with a leaf net, manual vacuum, and pool brush. Depending on your needs, the poles can be easily extended or shortened. A telescopic pole can be made of steel, fiberglass, or plastic. Each material has its advantages, so you should choose the right one for your needs.

Floating solar globes are also a great pool accessory. They extend the pool day into the evening, and are waterproof and durable. They can even be hung on a porch or tree. It’s an essential accessory for your summer pool parties. You can even use them for beer pong. Another great pool accessory is a floating cabana. These luxurious loungers fit up to four people.

Manual vacuums are also essential accessories for cleaning your pool. They are designed to reach the corners of the pool and offer better overall cleaning than a hose-based unit. Manual vacuums often come without a hose, but can also be used with a skimmer pole. In addition to a manual vacuum, you should also invest in pool chemicals. These chemicals will keep your pool bacteria-free.

Besides the basic safety features, you can also purchase pool accessories that enhance the overall look of your pool. A pool slide is a fun and functional accessory, but it may be a little expensive. Pool liners are a great idea for lining a pool. You can even purchase overlap liners if you want to extend your pool’s edge to the edge. Some of them are even equipped with racks for pool noodles.