The Art of Feng Shui: Enhancing Positive Energy in Your Home

Feng shui experts believe that optimizing your living space can help create an atmosphere of balance and peace, in addition to supporting physical wellness. Furthermore, this practice may reprogram your subconscious for healthier lifestyle choices as explained by Cerrano.

Feng shui relies heavily on the balance between yin and yang energies as they form the cornerstones of all life force. Art can help bring these elements into your home environment.

Natural Light

Feng shui is all about maximising positive energy flow – this “chi” energy comes in many forms, according to National Geographic. Chi is an invisible force that affects everything in our universe including us; its two opposing forces (yin and yang) strive for equilibrium and support each other’s existence.

Feng shui practitioners recommend keeping everything tidy to promote an optimal flow of chi in your home, including making sure areas like the entrance are adequately illuminated.

Feng shui elements include water, earth, fire, wood and metal which are represented by color palette and objects found throughout your house. Wood is linked with growth, creativity and vitality; therefore tree branches, plants or wooden furniture make great decorations to bring these attributes. Meanwhile metal symbolizes logic and efficiency – perfect decorations to bring balance to each room of your home!

Personal Objects

Focus points are an integral component of creating an ideal Feng Shui environment, and should be carefully considered when creating an interior design scheme. A stunning painting, magnificent sculpture, or even your fireplace could serve as the ideal focal point.

Water is an indispensable element of Feng Shui, and can help bring wealth, success, and prosperity into your life. To strengthen its positive effects in Feng Shui, hang a waterfall painting or photo depicting water in your wealth area (back of home when standing at front door) for maximum impact. Paintings depicting natural elements like wood and flowers also bring wealth. Putting mandarin duck paintings on display near marital bliss corners is especially auspicious.

Mixing shapes, sizes and styles in your art collection brings dynamic feng shui energy into any space – particularly houserooms where inspiration and creativity reign supreme.

Eliminate Clutter

Feng shui refers to the flow of energy throughout a space, including clearing away clutter that blocks positive energies from flowing freely. Therefore, regular decluttering should occur around doors and hallways for optimal feng shui practices.

An untidy room can make it harder to relax and fall asleep soundly, which is why maintaining an uncluttered bedroom is such an integral component of Feng Shui.

Feng shui’s five elements include wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each has an associated color scheme and meaning: for instance earthy tones represent wood while blues and greens symbolize water.

Feng shui principles assert that each room of your home corresponds with an area of your life, such as money or family and children. Earth and yellow colors correspond to wealth chi, while wood elements like natural materials stimulate this aspect of your life.


Feng shui promotes an orderly home for optimal energy. This involves keeping clutter at bay and eliminating potential tripping hazards, as well as regular cleaning and disinfection to maintain healthful living conditions in your environment.

Plants are one of the key feng shui items, embodying life energy and providing vibrancy in any space they inhabit. By simply adding green plants into your home environment, positive energy can quickly increase.

Feng shui practitioners frequently turn to the Bagua map to help inform design decisions. This room layout divides your home into eight sections that correspond with various aspects of your life such as career, knowledge, friends, fame, wealth family and helpful people/travel. Each section corresponds with a color and element for making informed choices for interior design decisions.

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