Revamping Your Entryway to Make Guests Feel Welcome

Renovate your entryway to make guests feel at home and welcome. Installing a coat rack, command station and entryway bench are some ways you can create an environment that is both functional and beautiful.

Do not be intimidated to use vibrant hues in your entryway – blogger Elsie Larson shows the way with an inviting foyer featuring pink polka dots that add an eye-catching pop of personality without overshadowing everything else in your space.

1. Add a Coat Rack

Keep coats, scarves and hats off the floor to maintain an organized entryway. Installing either a free-standing coat rack or wall-mounted coat rack offers people extra storage for hanging their accessories while giving your entryway an uncluttered appearance.

DIY coat racks can serve double duty as decorative accents, such as this fun DIY version made of old drawer knobs. Choose matched or mismatched knobs to achieve the desired look – making this an excellent project to undertake when redecorating cabinets, doors or dressers!

This cottage-style coat rack occupies only a few feet of wall space, yet blends in effortlessly with traditional entryway decor. Additionally, assembly is easy: just add two strips of fluted casing – available at home centers in various profiles and materials – as per instructions.

2. Create a Command Station

Create a family command center to keep mail, homework and permission slips organized while still looking stylish and homey in your entryway. This simple idea can keep everything at hand without overcluttering it with piles.

Place a whiteboard in the workplace that serves as a calendar, notes and to-do lists so everyone knows what’s happening this month and next. Include space for menu planning so no one has to keep asking “What’s for dinner?”

For a chic aesthetic, use chalkboard paint in one of your preferred hues or a neutral palette such as this lovely gray. Use glass door panels to make durable message boards suitable for mudrooms and back entryways; for something more rustic use an old shutter or vintage window frame instead.

3. Add a Bench

An entryway bench should provide a place to sit when putting on shoes, taking them off or storing purses and hats – find one with style like this modern design from Hommes Studio which pairs beautifully with its vibrant wallpaper!

if your hallway is on the narrow side, choose a slim-profile bench that won’t block the door or overpower your foyer layout. Neutral hues work best; bolder ones may add some fun character.

If your spare room can serve as an entryway, consider adding a built-in bench with coat hooks. This feature enables you to organize shoes, bags and hats on the bench while hanging coats from the wall, keeping your home tidy and uncluttered.

4. Add a Mirror

Mirrors reflect natural light and help make small entryways seem larger, as well as providing a convenient spot to do last-minute outfit checks before running out the door.

An eye-catching decorative mirror will steal the show in any entryway or wall art space, but make sure that its frame and decor don’t overpower other features in your entryway or on walls or flooring. For an eclectic, modern touch try an all-glass starburst mirror as demonstrated by Unoriginal Mom.

If you love the idea of mirrors but lack space for one, try adding a mirrored table instead. These popular entryway solutions can serve as command stations and focal points of gallery walls; Grandville Life features one in their beautiful rustic-style foyer!

5. Add a Plant

Statement pieces are an easy and stylish way to elevate the visual impact of your entryway, such as floor tiles or wallpaper, large scale wall art pieces or other eye-catching decorative accessories. Try mixing in one of these stunning additions into your entryway design as part of its makeup or use one as an anchor piece – they will definitely leave an impression with visitors!

if you’re limited on floor space, a console table can help organize key items and reduce clutter. A display of plants adds an organic touch that creates an inviting entranceway environment.

An Areca Palm (Raobesia califlora), which thrives in low to medium light and doesn’t need much watering, makes a quick and simple plant choice. A faux fiddle-leaf fig tree like this one with an ornamental wicker basket base offers Bohemian style while needing minimal upkeep.

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