Trending Paint Colors for Interior Design in 2024

Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform any room. Trends change frequently and there is an array of colors from which you can choose.

2024’s paint colors include earthy browns and neutrals that promote coziness; pastel shades that bring joy; as well as bold mid-blues which promote wellness.

Dutch Boy’s Ironside is an olive shade that balances sophistication with comfort, while Valspar’s Renew Blue brings nature-inspired hues indoors.

Earthy Browns

Repainting your home with one of these popular paint colors will add value and create a space that feels brand new – these trends are predicted by leading paint brands and top designers as trending choices for 2024!

Pale pinks and purples blended with brown create a sophisticated aesthetic, providing satisfying colors that feel refined. Sherwin-Williams’ Hidden Sanctuary pink offers soft yet mature sophistication, making it a good choice for living spaces or bedrooms. Meanwhile, Silky Smooth by BM offers slightly deeper saturation that works great as accent walls or mid-century furniture pieces.

Nature-inspired earthy green hues have seen an upsurge and will likely remain popular choices until 2024. Sherwin-Williams offers Upward, an eye-catching bright blue reminiscent of glacier lakes and sky, or Valspar’s Renew Blue which can add the finishing touch to kitchen islands or bathrooms.

Caramel Tones

Every year paint companies reveal their annual Color of the Year selections, forecasting which hues will become popular home improvements in 2024. Common trending hues are earthy greens which add serenity to living spaces; rich neutrals that serve as foundations of elegance; and timeless hues which create timeless ambiance.

Sherwin-William’s Sealskin and BM’s Tobacco Plant browns are irresistibly attractive with their warm cocooning hue, pairing beautifully with olive greens, terra cotta tones and pale pink hues for modern design projects. These inviting tones bring comforting calm into any modern design scheme.

Since your entryway is the first thing visitors see, making an inviting foyer is key to setting a good impression with newcomers. Try using warm neutral hues like Sherwin-William’s Renew Blue or Glidden Limitless as they add depth to a room while providing the ideal background for wooden accents like rattan and wood furniture or lightening up dark hallways – they also work perfectly when combined with other hues for creating your desired aesthetic!

Cozy Neutrals

Neutrals offer an ideal base for both current and upcoming trends when choosing whole-house paint colors, while their shades can reflect both personal style and the value of your home.

Warm off-whites and buttery hues have quickly become the go-to neutral paint colors of choice, offering a soft yet classic appearance without feeling harsh or clinical. Sherwin-Williams’ Accessible Beige (SW 7036) for instance offers just enough warmth without becoming overwhelming or dull.

Deep green hues are making an impactful statement this year, as evidenced by Dutch Boy’s 2024 Color of the Year Ironside. A moodier and cozier take on sage green’s dominance over recent years, this tranquil shade offers a soothing presence in cozy rooms while simultaneously turning larger spaces into sophisticated retreats.

When you’re ready to give your home a facelift, turn to us for expert guidance in color selection and painting services. Our skilled painters will ensure that every new hue is applied perfectly and help create the beautiful home of your dreams.

Soft Peach

Earth tones remain popular choices among homeowners, yet paint brands predict that soft pastel hues will make an impressionful statement in 2024. Samantha Stathis-Lynch from HGTV Home Designer Samantha Stathis-Lynch predicts this year will see sophistication conveyed through rich browns and unexpected purple hues such as Pantone Peach Fuzz.

She anticipates that homeowners will gravitate toward earthy shades of green such as the rich, mud-like hue she used in her new Dallas mudroom, which offers warmth and texture without looking outdated or cold. “This hue provides an appealing alternative to neutral or white tones while remaining visually fresh,” says Miller.

Warm neutrals are making a comeback, with taupe and beige tones replacing cool gray hues as go-to paint colors for designers and homeowners alike. Companies such as Sherwin-Williams and Glidden (which named honey-forward Limitless its Color of the Year) have recognized this trend, noting how warm off-whites provide an energetic foundation while soft pinks and lilac hues bring additional pops of color into any space.

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