Designing a Functional and Stylish Nursery

Since you will likely spend much of your time changing, feeding and rocking baby to sleep in their nursery, designing one with functionality and style is paramount. From selecting an adjustable crib that can grow with your child to furniture pieces that double as storage solutions for growing toddlers – there are various ways you can make this space both functional and attractive!


Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys and opportunities of our lives, giving us a chance to create rooms for our infants that are both functional and beautiful.

As your nursery will become the space in which you and your baby spend much time together, it is vital that all fixtures in the room are functional and safe for both of you.

An example of an efficient fixture would be a wardrobe, which allows you to organize and keep track of all of your baby’s clothes. Furthermore, closet dividers, trash bins, and clothes hampers can all come in handy when organizing baby clothing. Furthermore, soft rugs on the floor may help with tummy time and crawling – just ensure they are low pile to avoid your little one chewing it up and make sure that it can be easily washed when necessary!


A nursery should be a peaceful and relaxing space for mom, dad and their baby to spend time. Designing an effective yet stylish nursery space requires some careful consideration when making design choices. Smart storage solutions that work long term are essential if the nursery is to avoid becoming overrun with toys and clothing; decor items with dual purposes, like picture frames that hold crib-safe signs with baby’s name or monogram are also handy features in this regard.

Parents today often prefer gender-neutral paint colors that will remain relevant as their child transitions from toddler to preschool or preteenhood. Clean lines help create an air of minimalism in a nursery while fun furniture pieces with colorful elements add personality.

Never forget to include a comfortable rocking or glider chair to help soothe and bond with baby, and create zones for sleeping, changing, nursing and playing that make the room seem larger.


No matter your design preference – minimalist or boho – every nursery requires plenty of storage solutions so everything has a place and you don’t find yourself scrambling at 2am for that last baby wipe or pacifier!

Sub-organizers help avoid an unruly junk drawer by keeping smaller items such as diaper change supplies and spit-up rags sorted and easily accessible, while nursery shelves keep ointments and thermometers safely out of reach.

Use decor that serves double duty when decorating with children – frame pages from favorite children’s books for easy DIY artwork, then hang fabric-lined wicker or wire baskets on vertical or horizontal rows for toy storage. A vintage ladder against the wall makes an attractive display for quilts and baby blankets; blackout shades provide easy night time simulation during nap and bedtime to help both you and your baby sleep more soundly; don’t forget a night light!


A nursery is an elegant yet practical space designed for parents to soothe and calm their infants. Gone are the days when expecting parents were required to paint their room pink or blue for either gender; today design-minded adults prefer soft grey palettes with striking patterns such as black-and-white patterns that have been proven to aid brain development in infants.

Accent walls are on trend these days. Design experts suggest selecting an area of the wall that represents what your child loves – be it an eye-catching lemon painting, banana wallpaper or handcrafted pear hanging.

Add a rocking chair or glider for feeding and soothing purposes to complete the room design. These pieces are indispensable during late-night feedings or rocking your baby back to sleep – not to mention providing extra seating options for spouses, siblings or tired parents! KROFT offers high-quality handcrafted options in multiple colours to fit into any design scheme seamlessly.

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